Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cable Dies

The Extrusion Dies are made in various shapes and sizes. Extrusion Dies are made up of Alloy Steel and special Custom materials such as Inconel, Hastalloy, etc. The Extrusion Dies are made as per customers requirements. The Extrusion Dies can be Tubing Die, Compression Die or Semi Compression Die. The popular raw materials used for manufacturing the Extrusion Dies are D-2, 420SS, 440C SS and 4140. The Extrusion Dies have variable inside angles and variable length of hole sizes to control the process of Extrusion accurately. The hole sizes and shapes of the Extrusion Dies depend on the type of polymer being processed, the speed at which insulation or jacketing is being done, Type of Crosshead being used, number of conductors, amongst other things. The Extrusion Dies for the Fixed Centre Crossheads are made very accurately as the tightness of tolerance will determine the accuracy of the end product. The Extrusion Dies for Manual Centre Cross heads are centred with the help of bolts.The Extrusion Dies are mirror polished to have smooth finish on cable.

There are many manufacturers of Extrusion Dies worldwide who offer Extrusion Dies of various styles. The cost of the Extrusion Dies depends on the raw material used, process used and the accuracy level required for manufacturing it.

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We are herewith enclosing details of our various products manufactured by us, and specially customized to fullfill your requirements.

Manufacture Extrusion Tooling High Quality Products As Per Your Requirements.

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